At Turf Aalsmeer kunnen we can adapt the games we offer according to your desires and wishes! All our games take place in the abandoned town of ‘Gold Creek’: a Western town of 240 square meters.

Gold Creek [120 minutes – 4-15 people – 16-90 years old]

The game of ‘Gold Creek’ is the most challenging. It is best suited for teambuilding, bachelor parties, family’s day out or playing with friends. To start, we’ll divide your group in 2 or 3 teams. This game will take you 70 minutes in which you’ll have to work together, decide on a common strategy, solve puzzles and make sure you’ll beat the competing teams. It is best suited for groups 6 to 8 people of 16 years old and above. You can join the game if you’re 8 years or older, but only if older people are in your team as well.

Children’s party [60-150 minutes – 4-15 people- >8 years old]

We offer several options for birthday party’s for children of 8 years old and above. Depending on which option you choose, we can accomodate groups up to 10 or 12 children.

Lasergame [60 minutes – 4-10 people – >8 years old]

You can play 2 games of laser tag in groups up to 10 people. Each game will take you 15 minutes. Because of the size of the laserguns and the light- and smoke effects in the gaming arena you’ll have to be at least 8 years old to participate.


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