Gold Creek

From 1896 ’til 1899 people were searching for gold in the town of Gold Creek. They did this in the deepest secret, to prevent a gold rush. In april 1899 the entire town was in danger due to an explosion in the local gold mine, resulting in the evacuation of the town. The inhabitants quickly secured their gold in and around their houses, thinking they would be back soon. But they never would… The town, and all the gold hidden in it, has been abandoned ever since. Up ’til now! Recently the town has been rediscovered and opens up the opportunity for you and your team to go and find all of the hidden gold bars before the rest of the world will learn of their existence. Will your team succeed in finding as many of them as possible within 70 minutes?

You will have to puzzle, search, strategize and battle the other teams: Gold Creek is an unique game in the Netherlands. It is very important to work together. How are we going to play this game? Are we going to focus on fighting the other teams or are we going to play our own game? Which risks are we willing to take? Who is going to do what? How can we make sure we are leaving this town with as much gold as possible when the game is over? Like any good game ‘Gold Creek’ is a combination of luck, skill and cooperation. You can make it as complicated as you want! Just remember: if you want to be succesfull, you will have to take risks…

In short:

  • a game will last 70 minutes
  • you’ll play in 2 or 3 teams of 2 to 5 players each
  • key elements: teamwork, strategic thinking, puzzling, trading or taking from your competitors and clear communication

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