Playing laser tag in the Wild West

When you think about laser tag/lasergame you probably think about loud dance music, a space theme and neon lights. We offer a slightly different experience. You enter our dimly lit Western village of ‘Gold Creek’ wearing a fitting cowboy hat for the occasion. You and your competitors do not emit any light, so you’ll have to move very stealthly from building to building to prevent getting hit…

We use the latest Intager Raptor 2S rifles with ‘red dot scopes’; these guns offer a very realistic experience.

Laser tag Gold Creek

Come play a game of laser tag with up to 8 people in our 230 m2 big village of ‘Gold Creek’ and relive the days of the Wild West!

Laser tag at a location of your choice?

Our laser guns can be used inside and outside. They can be used at a location of your choice! Maybe at the office or at the local park? There are many possibilities! Please contact us for more information.

Costs & booking

You can find our prices & book here,

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