Chicken Games


Coming soon to Turf Aalsmeer

An unique teamactivity for larger groups, played in a tournament setup. Play 3 to 9 very varying games to determine which team will be the best. Play at a location of your own choosing! Your budget, available time and desired location determine the costs of the game.

How does it work? We divide the group into teams of up to 8 people per team and then explain the afternoon to everyone. We then play 3 to 9 different games and each game you’ll have a different team as your opponent. By the end of the games we’ll know which team performed best!

Costs: depends on the size of the group and the number of games you’d like to play, varying from € 15,- to € 40,- p.p., not including drinks, bites or rent of your desired venue for the games.




90-240 min


8-64 pers.