De Swarte Westenders


€ 210,- per team / 2-12 players* / 90 minutes / Game in Dutch

Get aboard our boat across the Westeinder Lake in search for the lost treasure of the gang of the ‘Swarte Westenders’. Using the 100 year old ‘precious metal scanner’ to search the bottom of the lake. Can your team of up to 10 people find the gold that has been lost for almost 500 years within 90 minutes?

*This game is as much an unique (mobile) escape game as it is a relaxing cruise across the beautiful waters of the Westeinderplassen. Whilst you can get aboard with up to 10 people, please note the game works best with 3 to 6 people. The rest of the group can enjoy the surroundings and have a drink. Our captain will take you to some great spots and he’s able to tell you about the history of the area, but of course he can also help you to solve the puzzles.

This game costs € 210,- and takes up to 90 minutes, but the actual trip could take a bit longer depending on where you want to get on- and off the boat. There is a limited supply of cooled drinks aboard for sale.

Docking locations

You can get on- and off our boat at these locations (the nearest restaurants are mentioned):

  • Kolenhaven (de Praam) – Aalsmeer
  • Surfeiland (On the Rock) – Aalsmeer
  • Brandweersteiger (Christiani) – Aalsmeer
  • Zeilfort (Zeilschool) – Kudelstaart
  • Jachthaven Kudelstaart (Zeilschool) – Kudelstaart

Important to know

  • The game is only in Dutch, but our captiain/gamemaster does speak English!
  • Even though we can seat up to 10 (or even 11) people aboard, this doesn’t mean during the game all 10 people would have something to do. Ideally, as for any escape game, the game is played by 3 to 6 people. Everyone else aboard can just enjoy the trip through our beautiful area!
  • For this game we only have a few qualified captains, which means we have to manually plan within their availability. As soon as we do, we will confirm your booking and require you to pay for it in advance – as with all of our games.
  • We use a small open boat, which means we only ‘set sail’ if weather allows (wind <6 Bft, temperature >12 Celsius, rain <60%). If we can’t, you can choose to replan the trip, change the game to one our inside games or get a refund.
  • We sell cooled drinks aboard which can only be paid for by card. Our capacity is limited, so if you want to be certain your drink of preference will be aboard, please let us know in your booking.



90 min


2-10 people



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