Fort K


An unique escape room

The mysterious secret organization ‘Activae Aqua Alsmare’ has taken control of the old fortress at de Kwakel, researching the water underneath it. Take on the challenge of infiltrating this fortress in a team of up to 8 players: can your team break through to the heart of the organization within 80 minutes?

Whilst playing this game you will learn something about the fortress itself and the old defense network of Amsterdam (Stelling van Amsterdam). The first part of the game takes place outside, around the fortress (5-15 minutes), the rest of the game takes place inside.

The game itself can last up to 80 minutes, but including the introduction and talk after the game the experience lasts for about 90 minutes, at € 135,- per team of up to 8 players. We offer several lunch-, dinner- and drink arrangements at the bar located in the same fortress. You can book this before- or after the escape during the booking progress on this website.

Please note:

  • This game takes place at ‘Fort de Kwakel’, NOT at our other locations in Aalsmeer. If you use Google Maps to navigate here, please search for ‘Fort K’ or ‘Fort de Kwakel’, not for ‘Turf Aalsmeer’.
  • The first part of the game (5-15 minutes) takes place outside
  • There is no heating inside the fortress
  • 90% of the experience is suited for disabled people, but there is a point where it is required to ‘crawl’. It is possible to skip this point.
  • Children of 8 years and older can play this game, but we advise them to be 10 or older, because of the difficulty of the puzzles and the use of sound- and lighting effects.



80 min


2-8 people




Een unieke beleving op een unieke locatie