Gold Creek


€ 31,- per player / 4-15 players / 120 minutes (70 minutes of game)

Visit the abandoned gold rush town of Gold Creek in 2 or 3 teams of up to 5 players per team. Your goal is to collect as many gold bars as you can within 70 minutes. Escape, solve puzzles, search, work  together and shoot the other team with laser tag guns: which team will win?

Set against a background of a 100 year old town from the Wild West, this game takes 70 minutes and costs € 31,- per person. You can come play with 4 of 5 people as well, but you always pay for a minimum of 6 people. Including introduction and talks after you will be at our location for about 2 hours.

We offer several lunch-, dinner- and drink arrangements at neighboring restaurants. You can book this before- or after the escape during the booking progress on this website.

Do you want to come with more than 15 players? We can play the game in 2 sessions for € 29,- per person (with a game of 60 instead of 70 minutes). We offer several options for the waiting half of the group to be entertained.


70 min


4-15 people


31,- pp

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