Gold Creek Kids


€ 27,- per child / 4-15 players / 100 minutes (60 minutes of games)

In this party the children will play in 2 or 3 teams of up to 5 children per team. Adults can participate as well, especially if you think there are children amongst your group who could get scared easily. But normally it is not required to have adults participate in the games; our gamemaster is their to help the children during the entire game.

In this game of 60 minutes, the goal is to collect as many gold bars as possible with your team. You can do this by solving puzzles, searching the entire town from the wild west and by stealing gold from the other teams by shooting them with laser tag guns. After the game all kids will receive lemonade and a bag of crisps. In total the party takes up to about 105 minutes.

We offer a special children menu at our neighbors of Centennial or The Beach. You can book this before- or after the escape during the booking progress on this website. We advise a minimum age of 8 years old to play this game. This is due to the size of the laser guns and the difficulty of some of the puzzles, combined with the presence of some light- and sound effects.


105 min


4-15 kids


27 pp

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