The Tower Keeper


The Water Tower of Aalsmeer was built between 1926 and 1928, designed by architect Hendrik Sangster. Even during the build strange stories about Sangster and his team of builders started to go around town. What were these builders being so secretive about…? Rumors started to arise about mysterious objects and clues being hidden inside the tower. Several tower keepers only enforced these rumors over the years, because of the things they found in their tower. Slowly several clues have been found and analysed by these tower keepers in the past 90 years, and now the last retired tower keeper has asked for your help in finishing their research once and for all. He’s now too old to climb the 214 steps up the tower, but he believes he was really close in linking all mysterious objects together. He has put everything he had found in a suitcase for you, does your team succeed in solving the mysery once and for all?

Try to reach the top of the tower in 1 or 2 teams of up to 6 players per team, by battling each other in solving several puzzles you’ll find throughout the 50 meter tall tower. If you manage to solve everything and reach the top within 60 minutes, you’ll get to enjoy the panorama views on top of the tower.

Costs: € 135,- for 2-6 players, € 200,- for 7-9 players, € 260,- for 10-12 players (if you come with more than 6 players, you’ll automatically play in 2 teams), duration game: max 60 minutes, including introduction and closing afterwards you’ll be inside for about 1,5 hours. If you’d like to combine the game with a lunch, drink or dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, please check this page (currently in Dutch only).

Please note: This experience takes place in the water tower of Aalsmeer, NOT at our other locations at Fort Kudelstaart or Oosteinderweg in Aalsmeer, where Google Maps might take you if you search for ‘Turf’. Because of all the steps in the tower, this game is not suited for young children, the elderly or disabled people. Each booking request has to be processed and permission has to be asked to enter the tower on the booked day and time. Once your request has been approved, we will let you know and confirm the booking.

Limited availability

This game can only be booked from June to January, because a rare falcon breeds in the tower in the other months and cannot be disturbed. We are also only allowed to be open for escapes for 6 days per month. So book you game on time!

The water tower of Aalsmeer is a monument which is managed by a foundation. We’ve based our game on historical data and € 30,- per group is paid to the foundation to make sure we preserve the tower for future generations to enjoy.


For a additional fee of € 2,- you can park your car(s) at the Flower Art Museum, directly opposite the tower. You’ll have to book this parking in advance, so we can open- and close the gate for you. This can be booked in the online booking system where you also book the game. Alternatively you can park for free on the street a little further from the tower. Please note that parking is very limited on hot days and weekends and we do expect you to arrive at the tower on time!




60 min


2-12 people



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