€ 25,- per child / 4-10 players / 90-120 minutes (60 minutes of games) / Location: Gold Creek (Oosteinderweg 287F Aalsmeer)

In this party the children can choose 4 games of 15 minutes each to play in 2 teams of up to 5 children per team. The games we offer include a mini-escape room, searching gold bars, laser tag or a quest through the town. The party includes a bag of crisps and some lemonade and takes about 2 hours minutes in total. The kids will feel like real cowboys and cowgirls in our abandoned town from the wild west. Which teams scores the best in these 4 games? The standard setup is as follows:

  • Round 1: Search for gold. The teams will bring the gold bars to their starting point, but if they get shot (by laser tag guns) they’ll have to leave the gold bar and return to revive themselves before they can continue their search! Which team will find the most gold?
  • Round 2: A quest. Which team answers the most questions correct about our abandoned town from the Wild West?
  • Round 3: Laser tag. Which team hits the other team the most?
  • Round 4: is up to you! Another round of laser tag perhaps?

If you’d like to change any of these games you can let us know in the comment section in the booking process.

We offer a special children menu at our neighbors of Centennial or The Beach. You can book this before- or after the escape during the booking progress on this website. We advise a minimum age of 8 years old to play this game. This is due to the size of the laser guns and the difficulty of some of the puzzles, combined with the presence of some light- and sound effects.


90-120 min


4-10 kids


25 p.p.

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